Fusion and Plasma Physics

Description of fusion energy research at Risø
Risø participates in the European coordinated programme for fusion research in close collaboration with other European and international research groups.
Fast Ion Collective Thomson Scattering - CTS
Understanding the plasma dynamics involving fast ions is essential for optimising fusion performance.
Fusion og Plasma Roadshow
Risøs Fusion og Plasma Roadshow er et nyt dansk naturvidenskabeligt show, der med et spændende og letforståeligt foredrag samt supplerende underholdende og illustrative eksperimenter introducerer publikum til den verdensomspændende fusions- og plasmaforskning.
Turbulence and Transport in Plasmas
Plasma turbulence has an essential impact on the confinement of plasmas in magnetic fields. Theoretical models are developed and tested on powerful computers. The results are compared with results obtained by using other models and with experiments.